Baby eats books, chalk, dirt and now…


So besides heaps and heaps of paper and cardboard, and chalk, and dirt, I think I can add one more thing to our boy’s list of things he’s eaten that he shouldn’t have…

Our one-year-old bub was playing this morning wearing his training pants, not nappy, and I noticed he had pooped, so I picked him up and took him to the bathroom to clean up. There I noticed that he must be a bit constipated, because the poop was pebbly (eh.. can you see where this is heading?!). All cleaned up, I put him back to carry on playing and I carried on emailing, reading blogs, etc…

A cough cough from him a few minutes later, I look down and that’s when I notice oooo a little pebble of poop on the floor, and look, oooo there’s one more. Must have dropped out of his pants when I picked him up.

So I clean it up, and that’s when I stop and… yes… BABY BOY HAS EATEN POOP! The evidence is there stuck between his bottom two teeth. Ah no!! No you have not just eaten your own poop! No, no, we don’t eat poop!!

Anyway, I think he will survive. But it has left me wondering, what has your child eaten that they shouldn’t have?

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  1. Susie Reply

    At least he didn’t smear it all over the wall like mine did!

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