Flats Challenge Day 3


Pictured above is my “stash” for the flats challenge. Well, most of it. A couple flats and covers are waiting to be washed and, of course, baby was wearing a flat nappy when I took the photo. Nothing pictured was bought just for the challenge. Everything is taken from our existing cloth nappy stash.

So clockwise from top left:

  • Orange BabyBeehinds velcro wool cover.
    This is one of three wool covers bought 2nd-hand for about $5-$10 each.
  • Green woodlands & yellow bicycles velcro PUL covers by Grovia.
    These were bought new almost three years ago and, although I’m generally not a fan of PUL, these are my favourite covers to use when going out.
  • Three PUL/fleece pocket nappies by Designer Bums.
    One was given as a gift and the other two were bought 2nd-hand.
  • RAOK (i.e. free!) PUL wet bag with home-made cloth wipes.
  • Home-made wool longies, made from the arms of a 2nd-hand jumper.
  • Two handy snappis.
  • Eight stretchy bamboo flats home-made for about $7 each.
  • Eight of 12 Osocozy birdseye flats bought new a couple years ago.

And how do we use this little stash? We start in the mornings at 7am with an origami/bat folded bamboo flat under the wool longies. At 9am baby goes down for a nap wearing a birdseye pad-folded in a BBH wool cover.

Then it’s more of the same until the end of the day, i.e. a wool/PUL cover with pad-folded flat. Generally, if it’s warm enough and we’re at home, baby wears a coverless flat. But now that the weather is a bit cooler we’ve been using covers.

At bedtime, baby wears one of the pocket nappies with a bamboo pad-folded flat and there’s one change overnight.

All very simple, I think.
And yes, I used gloves today. Happy hands 🙂

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