• Flats Challenge Day 6

    Today we moved. Yes, moooooooved!! Moved to a new home. We’ve been moving little things and getting our new place ready for a couple of weeks now. But today was the big move: moving clothes and beds, baby and nappies, toddler and toys. It was a HUGE day. Flat nappies from the day before got »more

  • Flats Challenge Day 5

    We’re on day 5 now, over the hump, and the novelty of this has officially worn off. I’m used to flat nappies, I’m used to line-drying, I’m not used to (and never will be) hand-washing. Hand-washing dishes, sure; hand-washing eight to ten flats and four or five covers, everyday, no, no, no, NO. I do »more

  • Flats Challenge Day 4

    Today we went to playgroup. When we go to playgroup, baby usually wears a disposable nappy under an old pair of stretchy leggings. This morning I spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring out what to put on our missy. It’s a bit cold in the mornings (anything under 20 degrees celcius in the tropics »more

  • Flats Challenge Day 3

    Pictured above is my “stash” for the flats challenge. Well, most of it. A couple flats and covers are waiting to be washed and, of course, baby was wearing a flat nappy when I took the photo. Nothing pictured was bought just for the challenge. Everything is taken from our existing cloth nappy stash. So »more

  • Flats Challenge Day 2

    Sore, dry hands. That’s the result of day 2. Yesterday I washed as often as I could. And that meant two or three flats a time in the bucket. This morning I washed, in one hit, four birdseye flats, four bamboo flats, and four PUL covers. Rinse, wring; wash, wring; rinse, wring; rinse, wring. Ouch. »more

  • Flats Challenge Day 1

    The challenge is to use flats (flat diapers, terry squares, old fashioned nappies that your granny used) on your baby for a week instead of disposable nappies or more expensive modern cloth nappies AND (yes there’s more) wash them by hand. For one whole week. Now if you’re a modern mum who uses modern conveniences »more

  • Yes I am!

    What’s your response? Crazy? Or are you wondering what is so challenging about hand-washing terry nappies? Read more about the challenge here: http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/sign-up-for-the-5th-annual-flats-and-handwashing-challenge/  

  • Rediscovering the simplicity of flats

    I looked into using modern cloth nappiesĀ (MCNs) when I was pregnant with our first baby. The world of MCNs is vast, slightly bewildering for beginners, a bit expensive and quite addictive. I tried a little bit of everything. I bought a pocket nappy, a bamboo fitted, an all-in-two, some hybrids… but in the end I »more

  • DIY upcycled wool baby sleeping bag

    Our new bub was a winter baby and I wanted something to keep her warm at night. But, here in the tropics, “winter” isn’t very cold and isn’t very long; I didn’t want to spend money buying a sleep sack that would be used for just a few weeks. So I made one. Of course! »more

  • Caring for your cloth books

    Cloth books for baby are chewable and washable. That’s why I started making them. Babies, up to a certain age, like to eat paper/board books whenever they get the chance. Chew on them, suck on them and rip them up into little bits. They can’t do that with cloth! How to wash your cloth book »more