Where do you keep baby’s cloth books?

Do you keep them stuffed in a box like we used to? Or do you show them off and display them on a book rack. (Not a book shelf, a book rack!)

Imagine keeping your baby’s board books, or your books/novels, jumbled up in a box instead of stacked orderly on a book shelf. I’m guessing you may not reach for them as often as you do. And you wouldn’t be able to pull out just the one book you want, you would have to pull them all out to find it.


I’ve been wondering about this little first-world problem for a while now. Picture books look best displayed face-forward on a shelf. They have beautifully illustrated covers, they’re twice the width and height of board books and they have a skinny spine, so lining them up along with baby’s board books is impractical and just doesn’t do them justice.

For similar reasons, I think soft cloth picture books need to have their own place as well. And pictured below is one solution. A cloth book rack placed down low within reach of baby so that they can grab their books when they want to… and eventually learn to put them back!

IMG_3454 IMG_3459

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