Caring for your cloth books


Cloth books for baby are chewable and washable. That’s why I started making them. Babies, up to a certain age, like to eat paper/board books whenever they get the chance. Chew on them, suck on them and rip them up into little bits. They can’t do that with cloth!

How to wash your cloth book

Cloth books with crinkle plastic/cellophane inside the covers should be IRONED & TUMBLE DRIED WITH CAUTION.

To machine wash, put your cloth book in a pillow case to protect it from other items, double knot the case, and wash your cloth book on a COLD and DELICATE or GENTLE setting with the rest of your laundry. Use detergent suitable for baby clothes. Line dry in the shade.

To hand wash, follow the steps below.


Run some cold water into a sink. I didn’t use any washing powder/soap for this demo but you can use any baby-friendly phosphate-free detergent or baby wash.


Immerse your cloth book and gently swish it around. Try not to rub the fabric too much.


Soak for just a few minutes.


If you have used detergent, drain the water and rinse once or twice with clean water.


DO NOT WRING or squeeze the water out as this will create wrinkles. Gently press the water out with a flat hand, as demonstrated by my lovely assistant.


Place the damp book flat and open on a dry towel.


Fold the towel in half and…




Then peg your book on a shaded line to dry.

Don’t they look pretty?!

Cloth books made from cotton will fade slightly over time. This is normal because cotton is a natural fabric. Drying your cloth book in the sun will contribute to colour loss. And front loading washing machines will also contribute to colour loss due to the increased tumbling action during cleaning.

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