• Yummy!


    Every now and then we get a book out from the library that we just don’t want to take back.

    ‘Yummy’ by Lucy Cousins is one of those.

    I’m in love and so are our two kids. I love the bold painted illustrations. I love that she doesn’t sugar-coat the classic fairy tales; the great ugly troll that roars at the Billy Goat Gruffs that go trip-trapping over his bridge ends up being bashed to bits; the wolf that gobbles up Little Red Riding Hood ends up getting his head chopped off by the hunter passing by; the little red hen that gets no help from the dog, duck and cat, ends up NOT sharing her bread but eating it all by herself!

    And when you hear your four-year-old son “reading” a book to his two-year-old sister, you know that it’s a winner.

  • Caring for your cloth books


    Cloth books for baby are chewable and washable. That’s why I started making them. Babies, up to a certain age, like to eat paper/board books whenever they get the chance. Chew on them, suck on them and rip them up into little bits. They can’t do that with cloth!

    How to wash your cloth book

    Cloth books with crinkle plastic/cellophane inside the covers should be IRONED & TUMBLE DRIED WITH CAUTION.

    To machine wash, put your cloth book in a pillow case to protect it from other items, double knot the case, and wash your cloth book on a COLD and DELICATE or GENTLE setting with the rest of your laundry. Use detergent suitable for baby clothes. Line dry in the shade.

    To hand wash, follow the steps below.


    Run some cold water into a sink. I didn’t use any washing powder/soap for this demo but you can use any baby-friendly phosphate-free detergent or baby wash. »more

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    How to use your cotton gift bag

    Your little cloth book might come with a complimentary cotton gift bag. To save on postage/shipping costs, your cloth book might arrive opened up flat and not be inside the bag when you receive it. Here’s how to put your book in to the bag…

  • IMG_8984

    My child is not naughty…

    … and neither is yours. Naughty is not a word we use at home. Not intentionally; it’s just turned out that way. To me, the word ‘naughty’ is a meaningless word. It doesn’t accurately describe a child’s behaviour when they’re doing something that you think they shouldn’t be doing. So when one of our children »more

  • IMG_0461

    Super Simple Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

    Click the links for more info. If you just want the recipe, keep scrolling. I’ve recently (the past few months) got into making and baking sourdough bread. To make sourdough bread you use a sourdough starter to lift your loaf instead of commercial yeast. So the first step is to obtain or make your own »more

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    Etsy find of the day!

    That’s me! (Or rather, that’s one of my cloth books.) Yesterday evening, out of the blue, I received six custom orders in the space of three hours through my Etsy shop. Which is really unusual because I’d normally get six in a good week. (And I hadn’t had one of those since Christmas.) After some »more

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    A surprising experiment

    Towards the end of last year I made the decision to make my cloth books out of all natural and biodegradable materials; to swap the polyester satin ribbon for silk ribbon, the polyester fleece padding for cotton/bamboo padding, and to only use cotton fabric and cotton thread. And I wanted to do an experiment to »more

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    Out with the new and in with the old

    If you’ve been following my facebook page you’ll know what’s coming up this year at Cloth Books for Baby. The materials I’ve used for the past two years to make my cloth books include: cotton or polyester fabric, cotton thread, polyester fleece padding, polyester satin ribbon, and wood rings.   So a mix of natural »more

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    My Chewable Book of Babies

    Any mum will tell you that babies love looking at photos of other babies. As a baby, our boy used to kiss the babies he saw in his first library books! Kiss them and then chew the pages that they were pictured on. Not the best diet for baby and not good for the book. »more

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    Flats Challenge Day 7

    Seven days of using, and hand-washing, flat nappies instead of using disposable nappies or more expensive modern cloth nappies and using a washing machine. I did it. I can get the t-shirt that says “Been there. Done that.” Today was spent moving more stuff from our old home to our new home. Driving there and »more

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    Flats Challenge Day 6

    Today we moved. Yes, moooooooved!! Moved to a new home. We’ve been moving little things and getting our new place ready for a couple of weeks now. But today was the big move: moving clothes and beds, baby and nappies, toddler and toys. It was a HUGE day. Flat nappies from the day before got »more