• You can do it!


    Yes you can! You rockstar you! You can do it yourself. You can sew your own cloth books for the baby in your life. If you have a basic sewing machine, it is easily done, even if you’re a beginner.

    I was a beginner myself when I started sewing and selling cloth books over four years ago. If you can sew a fairly straight line, then give it a go! I have two tutorials to guide you and I am happy to answer any questions as best as I can.

    So why am I keen to get YOU to sew your own book instead of me?

    Well, I have decided to back off from my Cloth Books for Baby venture so I can focus on other creative things like gardening and sewing for the home, our kids and myself. But I’m not closing up shop completely, I’ll be promoting my book panels and tutorials and templates so YOU can design and sew your own cloth books for babies.

    And here is a great offer to get you started: FIVE book panels for the price of three! There are FIVE book panels squeezed on to one yard of cotton sateen over at Spoonflower.


    Let me know if you have any questions about making your own cloth books. Happy sewing!!

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