Pretty rainbows!


Can you see why I switched from skinny to fat pages?

A fat cloth page (with padding and no top-stitching) shows off its coloured fabric beautifully when the book is closed. Plus a cloth book made with fat pages looks bigger, softer, chunkier than the same made with skinny pages.

The most common way to sew a cloth book seems to be the ‘turn & top-stitch’ way. Which makes the edges of your cloth pages skinny. Even if the pages are padded. And that’s fine, unless of course you want to show off the edge of each coloured page. So cut out the top-stitching and you are left with gorgeous, chunky, FAT edges!

But, if you have ever sewn a cloth book together, you know that you have to leave a gap in your stitching so that you can turn your cloth page the right way. How do you close this gap if you cut out the top-stitching? It’s EASY! A bit fiddly, but otherwise EASY. And soon I will be posting a step-by-step guide on how to do this. Watch this space.

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