Who carries you around…

kangaroo2Another line from the “Who Loves You Baby” cloth book asks, “Who carries you around like a kangaroo?” We did, but unfortunately not for the first six weeks. I had been given a ring sling, and had made a stretchy wrap, but I didn’t have much success using either. And a carrier that works and is safe is vital during those early days when your baby needs you so much.

When we finally did get a carrier that we could use properly it was wonderful. I could DO things again. Like the washing, the laundry, the dinner. We ended up using a Baby Bjorn for a few months (men seem to prefer clips and buckles over flowing fabric and ties) and then a home-made Mei Tai, which I still use every day.

Buy the “Who Loves You Baby” cloth book from Etsy or make-it-yourself and buy the fat quarter from Spoonflower.

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