Flats Challenge Day 4


Today we went to playgroup.

When we go to playgroup, baby usually wears a disposable nappy under an old pair of stretchy leggings. This morning I spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring out what to put on our missy. It’s a bit cold in the mornings (anything under 20 degrees celcius in the tropics is “cold”) so her outfit had to be warm. Playgroup is messy and that includes the floor so it also had to be nothing new/fancy.

The photo above is the second outfit we tried. A bat/origami-folded bamboo flat under home-made woolies combined with beige leg warmers. The waist gaped and … I don’t know… it just looked wrong. We were having a wardrobe malfunction. In the end, we went with the same flat under the green wool pants she usually wears in the mornings. No photo though; we were late as usual and had to run.

I took two spare flats with me and one flat in a grovia PUL cover just in case. I checked her a couple times but both times she was dry and, surprisingly, she was still dry when we got home. So going out today with baby wearing a flat nappy was a bit of a non-event.


The rest of the day was spent coverless in a bamboo flat and then late in the afternoon I went out leaving hubby in charge. I left him with our missy wearing a pad-folded birdseye flat in a grovia velcro cover plus one spare grovia. I chose the velcro covers over the snaps because blokes apparently prefer velcro, and the velcro makes the nappy work the same way as disposables.

When I got home, she was changed and happy, AND dinner was ready!!

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