Who calms you down…

fright2“Who calms you down when you get a fright?” is another line from my Who Loves You Baby cloth book.

Only a few things in the early months made our baby boy scream in terror (not just jump in fright). Number one was the train that passes our flat four or five times a day. The noise of the train itself is just a slow, increasingly loud rumble and doesn’t bother him at all.

It’s the horn/tooter that can be extremely loud in the right conditions.

Occasionally, when the wind is blowing the right direction, and perhaps the train driver is an excited trigger-happy newbie and he/she decides to blow the horn in just the right spot, the sound goes right through you. And it used to make Ben scream in terror. Now his bottom lip just wobbles a bit and then he recomposes himself and he’s fine.

The other thing that used to make him scream, was the soda-stream machine. Strange. In the end we had to “get busy with the fizzy” whenever he was with mum/dad in the shower. Or whenever we had the kettle boiling, the kitchen tap running, radio blaring, and a train rumbling past.

What made your bub jump? Would you like to share?

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