Chewable Book of Wheels Giveaway

IMG_2942“My Chewable Book of Wheels” is one of my new cloth books for baby and it could be yours in exchange for just a few clickety-clicks.

This giveaway has now ‘officially’ ended and the winner will be drawn asap.

This could be YOURS:
Cloth baby book (organic cotton fabric) with teething ring: “My Chewable Book of WHEELS”

You can read a description of the book on the Etsy page.

So, to be clear, the giveaway item is one organic chewable book of wheels with ribbon and ring, and this includes postage/shipping to where ever the lucky winner might be.

To enter:

  1. Visit the book’s Etsy page and if you like the book, please click on the Facebook ‘like’ button found under the green ‘add to cart’ button. And/Or tweet/pin it.
  2. Visit the YouTube video of my chewable book of wheels in action. If you think it’s cute, please give it the thumbs up and leave a comment.
  3. Copy & paste & complete the following five statements in the reply/comment box at the end of this page.
    My name is:
    My country is:
    I heard about this giveaway on:
    If I win this book I’ll give it to:
    My best tip for promoting your cloth book: (optional!)


  • I’m starting small: ONLY THE FIRST TEN ENTRIES will go into the draw. (So you have a one-in-ten chance of winning!)
  • Only ONE entry per person.
  • The giveaway is open to ANYONE over 18 anywhere in the world who has/knows a baby or toddler who would like or love a new cloth book.
  • The winner will be chosen by drawing a number out of a hat on October 20th or as soon as we have ten comments/entrants. The winner will be notified by email.
  • The draw will be filmed and posted onto Youtube. (Yes, I have something special in mind!)
  • Please contact me with your questions rather than using the comment box.


And finally, the lucky winner’s baby will be featured on the ClothBooksForBaby website with a review, photo and/or video! Of course you can opt out of this spot of limelight if you want. Up to you.

Off you go now… Here’s the Etsy page.


  1. Katie Reply

    My name is Katie
    My country is England
    I heard about the giveaway on Facebook
    I’d give the book to my little boy or to my friend’s baby born 2 days ago!

    • Deborah Reply

      Woohoo! Our first contestant!

  2. Amy Morley Reply

    My name is:Amy Morley
    My country is:USA
    I heard about this giveaway on:facebook from your sister 🙂
    If I win this book I’ll give it to:my daughter, Eliza
    My best tip for promoting your cloth book: (optional!)I think facebook is excellent, lots of mommies out there!
    I made a comment on youtube but was logged in under my husband, Ben.

    • Deborah Reply

      Thanks Amy! Susan’s good at word-of-mouth isn’t she?! And to answer your question, yes, I do have a girly book, “My Chewable Book of Blooms”. And I might be having a random giveaway of that one sometime in the future too.

  3. Sheila Hutson-Thompson Reply

    My name is: Sheila (Bobeila) Hutson-Thompson
    My country is: USA, Wyoming
    I heard about this giveaway on: Etsy
    If I win this book I’ll give it to: Grandbaby Resi
    My best tip for promoting your cloth book: (optional!) Let people see them and tell everyone about them. So word of mouth!

    • Deborah Reply

      Thanks Sheila!

  4. Jodi Williams Reply

    My name is: Jodi

    My country is: US. (Connecticut.)

    I heard about this giveaway: on the Etsy forums, then went and checked out your shop!

    My best tip for promoting your cloth book:(optional!). Always have them , and business cards…let other moms see you using it to calm down cranky baby in waiting room, grocery store, waiting in line at bank, etc.

    • Deborah Reply

      Thanks Jodi! Love those etsy forums!

  5. bridgette Reply

    My name is:bridgette
    My country is:ca, usa
    I heard about this giveaway on: etsy – blossom team
    If I win this book I’ll give it to: 9 month old niece
    My best tip for promoting your cloth book: Post your promotion on Etsy’s Blossom Team 🙂

    • Deborah Reply

      Thanks Bridgette! Lucky last perhaps?

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